About the Security Council

Functions of the Security Council

The Security Council

1. Defines main defense policy directions, as well as
1)Implements Defense Strategic Planning and Review

a. The Armed Forces Development Plan,
b. The Other Troops Development Plan,
c. The Armed Forces Deployment Plan,
d. The Military Mobilization Plan,
e. The Armed Forces Engagement Plan,
f. The Defense Operational Equipment Plan of the territory of RA
g. The National Civil Defense Plan
h. The list of Armed Forces and Other Troops supreme command staff positions, senior officer staff positions and the list of corresponding senior officer military rankings

3) Exercises other powers prescribed by law

2. At the suggestion of Prime Minister, discusses matters relating to security, territorial integrity and inviolability of the frontiers of the Republic of Armenia.

3. Adopts decisions relating to main areas of defense policy and advisory decisions on other matters within its competence.