About the SC Office

The functions of the Office

The Office of the Security Council

1) On behalf of Secretary of the Security Council, ensures

a. The organization of preparatory works of Security Council sessions,

b. Working out of proposals on Security Council sessions agenda, relating issues referred to in Article 2 Part 2 of the Law of the Republic of Armenia "On Formation and Activity of the Security Council"

c. Collection and synthesis of information on security threats of the Republic of Armenia as well as the elaboration on recommendations on measures to be taken, in accordance with procedure established by the Security Council work statute,

d. Monitoring and preparation of reports on implementation of Security Council decisions

e. Supervision over the execution of assignments mandated to Security Council committees and working groups

f. The alignment of Security Council members with Security Council draft decisions.

2) ensures

a.Implementation of select assignments issued to the Secretary of the Security Council by the Prime MInister of Armenia

b.Development of Security Council Annual work plan

c.Documentation of Security Council sessions

d.The presence of persons invited by the Prime MInister to participate at Security Council sessions

e.Preparation of drafts of the decisions of Security Council

3) Executes assignments and directives of the Secretary of the Security Council

4) Engages in preparation and issuing of official statements by the Department of Information and Public Relations at the Office of the Prime MInister of Armenia

5) Deposits documents and other relevant materials on the activity of the Security Council